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error occurs when video/swf window closed

I am using the Pop Up Image event on my hotspot to display a video in the form of a swf. I published my files and everytime I close the X on the swf window it gives me the following error:

TypeError: Error #1006: gc is not a function.
 at com.easypano.tourweaver.controls::TWWindow/closeWindow()
 at com.easypano.tourweaver.controls::TWWindow/::closeEvent()

Anyone know how to fix this? All suggestions are welcome.


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Hey santa (sounds kinda odd saying that!)...
gc - garbage collection. I maybe wrong but this might be linked to the reported problem of video sound continuing to play once the video window pop-up is closed. Maybe EP have tried to fix this by force closing the disconnected flash video stream with gc and something has gone wrong.
Out of interest - was your published swf in Flash AS2 or AS3 code?
Did you report the fault to EP?


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Hi Santa, Welcome to the forum!

Could you please send the project files to us for testing? The project files should include a "' and a folder with the same name. If they are too large, please don't transfer by email, we will be very grateful if you compress them together and upload onto your server or the site , then tell us the download link. Thanks very much in advance.

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