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Hello to all TW users

Downloaded the trail version and just playing with it to see all the features of it.

Why ?

Well ,in a forum thread in pano guide, I cam across these line:

Tourweaver for $699.95 ... a program that can offer around 10% (actually less) of the possibilities FPP offers, for 12.5 times the price of FPP...

It is really astonishing to see such a logistic in any business, so to ascertain the ground reality.

Secondly I am looking for a vr tour authoring to tool with a GUI ,having most of the features of FPP if not 100%.

I use FPP, but no GUI is a big problem for me ( please dont tell me about [some other software] i know) ,though i know little bit of coding and XML.

Now coming to the point, started liking TW, though not completely satisfied yet.

I am finding a small hitch, can anybody help please..

when i go to edit>preferences, the TW hangs with out displaying the pref dialog and does not respond at all and i have to close down the app.

what could be the problem ?

Any solution please ?
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G'day KVSSetty,

Yes, I know the post you speak of!
You must understand that FPP is a SDK and because of that you can code it to your Flash coding skills.

Really the two programs should not be compared because they are targeted and designed for completely different markets. That said, 10% (actually less) is very doubtful to even be close to true.

For one (1) You cannot go "Brand Free" with FPP to my knowledge. Meaning you will always have a free ad for FPP upon the right click menu.

Second (2), I have never seen FPP with a custom cursor or anything other than a standard pointer.

Sure, FPP allow for integrated hand coded Flash commands and lots of other items people think are fun. Sometimes I agree, but most of the time these are simply gimmicks.

Easypano Tourweaver is designed to be used by non coders who mostly are good photographers, real estate agents and hobbyists. It is not pretending to be anything else. It is the easiest Flash Tour compiler without a doubt with a good user base and lots of forum support.

Sorry, I do not know why you have having an issue with Edit>Preferences maybe if you can explain more like what operating system you have it might help.

It is important to have the recommended version of Java SDK installed. Have you tried uninstalling and then reinstalling? Are you sure you have the latest TW build?

Regards, Smooth