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Rotation Problems and Shimmer

I was really hoping to like this product due to the ease of creating very nicely skinned tours, but I just cannot get past the problems.

1. On many of the skins, I get terrible rotation problems. First it will not rotate, as if it is stuck, then it goes flying around and cannot be stopped.

2. There is terrible shimmer on any of the larger viewer windows.

For the price asked for this software, those are really deal killers. My outputs out of pano2vr and FPP end up crystal clear and rotate with complete smoothness. Under the 'one of these things is not like the other' principle, the downgrade in quality has to be happening in tourweaver at somepoint.

My pannos are typically 6000x3000, and anything other than the skins with the smallest viewers has shimmer. Skins like Ichybanya Resturant seem impossible to drag and rotate a panno. I've tried this in both preview and publish and get the same.

Is there some secret recipe somewhere?
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Can you post an example? And welcome to the forum.
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