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Please Reply

Knowing that every Tourweaver 4.0 release is going to be deleted as soon as even a minor upgrade will be updated, I insist in the fact that what ever the platform is, every complains or arguing is going to be deleted in this kind of post "Topic: Tourweaver 4.00 is released..."
As "mstoss" said
Quote: Originally posted by mstoss on August-17-2009I do indeed find it a major bug, if the preview is not working correctly. This IS NOT a Mac problem. I encountered this before with TW3. Already 2 times over several weeks, if not months I was not able to use the preview. When this occured the first time I did as recommended by EP and some users. Installed the latest Flash, used several clean up strategies, made sure the last TW was running etc. Nothing helped. Somehow it started working again, I cannot remember why or when. When this occured the next time, I refused to follow all these reinstall advices. Some weeks ago it started to work again, out of the sudden. The problem with TW quite often is, that you cannot reproduce the errors and thus not even the possible solutions. Its quite often guess work when it comes to error tracking. What can you expect from programmers who e.g. don't distinguish between upper case and lower case characters? So, don't try to make me believe this is a software like Adobe Photoshop (same price region). I don't even expect it to be like this. But what I do expect from EP support is, that they SUPPORT us. When we complain about an issue, PLEASE try to find out, don't leave it to us to research. We are no programmers, thats the reason to use TW instead of KRPano or Pano2VR with SkinEditor. Don't tell us, its your Mac, it's your Flash version, your blablabla. IT IS TW and its bugs. I expect and accept bugs in any software, but I want you to work on the bugs constantly.

BTW: The reason why I don't complain any time I'm upset about TW is, that it is of little use. I do work with TW 3 and have a close watch at the TW 4 development. I use it occasionally but never if I would depend on it and never with the latest version. If this continues, the day other established products are out with a GUI version, EP will have a severe drop in users. I don't want this to happen, because TW with its dream-weaver like approach could be a fantastic tool.

This is not a Mac issue, even not a parallel or a VMware issue...
This is an EPP problem...
Not able to answer to it's own costumers!
Maybe you are in vacation. we cannot expect this silence in front of blind issues, SWF, one and other unexpected Flash issue...
This is TOO MUCH !!!

SILENCE would be the privilege of Microsoft, Oracle or Adobe/Macromedia the three major editors in softwares...
But what is EPP in this field !!!
A major small company abusing it's costumers or a small companies needing their costumers support..... I wonder.
No answer equals usual arrogance of over the field better

Prove it and we will be the best supporters of your project.

This is a question of trust...
Mac OS X Tiger Or Leopard - VMWare fusion 2.05
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Hello Brittan,

I'm sorry for the late response.

Can you view the virtual tours in our gallery on your VMWare Fusion?

Have you ever tried to uninstall Flash Player and install a new one from Adobe? If not, please take a try to see if it can help.

I'm sorry to tell you that this is the only case about previewing issue of this kind in Tourweaver 4.00 reported from our customers. We encountered some before, but they were in Tourweaver 3.00. However, the problem always got resolved after Flash Player was reinstalled.

Would you please contact I think you will get faster answer in this way. Thank you very much for your cooperation.

Joe Rao

Easypano Holdings Inc.