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1/ When i produce a movie the motion is not smooth. When the panoramas turn, even with small speed there is a breaking in the picture and it looks not good for the customers.
2/ Insert FLV into scene; (Very useful)
3/ Multiple Pop-up Windows can be opened by one action; (Very useful)
4/ Hotspots and Flash Elements in the scene can be copied and pasted among different scenes. (Very useful)
5/ Hint display time and its duration are customizable; (useful)
6/ SWF file, text and image are supported as Hints of Hotspot and Radar and Button; (useful)
7/ Publish tour into EXE file. Useful but think about Mac Users please.
7/ If it supports Google Map one very useful feature would be to import the coordinates and find the specific spot in the map.

I am ready to pay for a new version of TW with good features and without bugs.