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ActiveX prompt in IE when opening tour


I've created a tour in TourWeaver 4 which I would like to publish to a USB stick with autorun. I have created a autorun.inf which loads the html file in the web browser. Unfortunately the user has to accept a security warning about ActiveX before he/she can run the tour.

Is there a way to avoid the appearance of the activex message? Seems like it appears when running the html file off a removable media, because when I launch the same file from my desktop there's no activex prompt.

I've also tried creating an exe file using Autorun Pro, but this gives the same result.

Suggestions will be much appreciated!


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Sounds like your using Java, try republishing your tour and select "flash" instead.

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The ActiveX warning is a security setting of Internet Explorer and it will happen with Java or Flash. This will not happen if you or the person viewing is using another browser like say Firefox or Opera etc.

Regards, Smooth