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I am also ready to experiment and test connecting two .exe projects because I have more than 200 scenes in my entire project.

What action do I put on the Button or Hotspot to go from Floor1.exe (or Floor1.html) to Floor2.exe (or Floor2.html)?  Javascript code?  What code is needed.  Will it invoke an Active Script warning since my .exe files are on my CDROM/local drive?

If using .exe files, will the first .exe file stop running when I go to the second floor .exe file? or will I end up with multiple .exe files being executed at the same time and have to close floor1.exe manually?

I'm anxious to try this.  I like the Floor1, Floor2 ... html demo in the previous messages.

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The problem with more then 200 scenes could be resolved if TW 6.5 version will have "deep link" feature. With that feature you can split the big project into few smaller projects... but if you cannot go to the exact scene you want then you simple cannot use EP solution for bigger projects (more then 200).
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Does anyone have the javascript code to link multiple .exe tours using buttons?