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wrong proportions of hotspots


in using TW 4.00 with the latest update.
But now i have the problem that the proportions of my hotspots are chancing in fullscreen. They are getting bigger than they should.

Here is an example of what a meen:

Before i never had a problem with my hotspots.
And i'm waiting for hours in the livehuman support... and nobody answers!!!

Can anybody help me?

Thanks a lot!

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i have found out that its an feature in the latest update...

[*]Hotspot zooms in at the same scale of sceneviewer when switched to full screen.

But is it possible to turn it off?
Cause the most hotspots look horrible when the're scales to fullscreen...
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Hi, I have similar problem,
you file didn't solve it though.
My hotspots get all pix-elated in full screen mode.
please help!!!!
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Hi, here i have a twwinpro.exe file. If you want to solve this problem, just need to replace the old twwinpro.exe in the installation directory of tourweaver 4.00 with this one. You can download the twwinpro.exe file I offer at .

By the way the latest version of tourweaver 5.00 has no such problem with the hotspot.

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