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Thumbnail show and hide

Hi, please how to Show or Hide a thumbnail,

for example I need a thumbnail for Scene 1 and OTHER different thumbnail for Scene and then the first thumbnail turn off...

Thanks inn advanced,

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I'm not an expert... but as best I know, the Thumbnails are attached to Scenes in the Scene Viewer that are also linked to a Map as radar positions (if you use a Map). At least this is what I am doing.

When I go to the next thumbnail, that scene shows up in the scene viewer, and the next thumbnail in my thumbnail panel is highlighted (I altered thumbnail panel colors options I believe). 

My thumbnail panel shows 8 thumbnails at the same time, and scrolls as I go to next scenes on one map, but I suppose I could make the thumbnail panel the size of just ONE Thumbnail, and then it only shows the Current Active thumbnail Scene, thus hiding the other thumbnails.

Again, I'm not an expert, but does this help?