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New to Tourweaver

Good morning. I'm new to tourweaver and panoweaver. I've created a couple of toures using panoweaver and I'm trying to figure out how to import them into tourweaver so I can look at the four rooms of my home in one viewer. However, I can't find a way to import the tour at all.

If I import the JPG image, I get a very tight cylinder and it looks funny due to the tight curve. I need to be able to let people click on the family room, kitchen, bedroom, patio, etc and see each of the different tours all in the single player.

Could someone who's experienced with this program, point me in the right direction to start off?

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Check out the video tutorials, just click on the flashing button on the top. This may answer most of your questions to get started. There are videos for TW4 and 5.
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