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Compass Heading on panos

Many of my customers want a Compass Needle or rotating Compass Rose that rotates according to the viewed direction of the Pano image in the produced Tourweaver tour.  Can this be done in Tourweaver, perhaps with some flash insert?  Might be tough since we have to calibrate the needle/rose to every image.

I see compass needles/roses on other pano viewing software systems.

Can this be done with Tourweaver?  Should I make an Easypano feature request?


I'd like the Needle/Rose to be a popup that I can even move around on the screen, but stays stationary of course where the user puts it when the pano rotates.  A similar popup is the image/photo popup action.

I'd need to calibrate the Needle/Rose to the North heading of the pano, like we do when calibrating the Radar for the Map view.

I thought of using the Map Viewer with the Radar arcs as a simple way to show what direction the Pano is currently showing as long as the user knows what direction is up on the map.  For now, I added a Compass Rose to the Map Viewer but the user has to look at that window, not the pano, to see what direction he/she is looking.

Thanks for any ideas!


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Hi Jerry, I have also tried to do this and went for the map viewer option. The only trouble is that you can only place the map viewer in one location for that VT which is a shame. It would be great if you could put a second map viewer in a pop up but I cannot see a way of doing this. Maybe something for EP to look as a new feature.

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Thanks nerjaace.  Yes, too bad there's not a better compass feature in TW5.  Compass directions are starting to become popular, especially for large estate tours.