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Isn't there any soft able to convert flash to HTML 5 ?
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No. But Adobe CS5 could output Html5 canvas application (they manage a way to remain among the leaders providing flash format goes down).

Html5 development for the time being is orientated toward the use of video and audio (flash free). Basically it will require more the use of html + css + javascript to get similar results in Html5 .

It's way to early to know what to expect but I hope easypano keep an eye on it ;-)

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Hery guys,

Ive been reading an article that clears that the problem with Apple x Adobe, its not Steve, commercial, proprietary-technology (QT x Flash) etc. The problem is develop Flash content to touch screen devices. So the problem with Ipads, Iphones and Ipods touchs still unsolved ad aeternum. If you use a Mac

Maybe Adobe can work on it, changing Flash - As weve been seeing a lot of other devices with touch screen technology I expect that they can work on it.

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Quote: Originally posted by Wolverine on April-19-2010
Hey guys,

does the presentation made on Tourweaver work on Ipad? Ipad doesn support adobe flash. :(

Anyone tried it?

Hello Wolverine,

Don't worry about it. We will release the offical Version of TW6.50 in Mid-January with HTML5 format Virtual Tour supported.

Then you can view the HTML5 tour on Ipad.

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