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Publishing tour settings

I am having a problem with my tour settings. I am trying to make a smaller version of my tour so that I can embed it on my homepage and put a link to the full tour under it. I have resized the tour to 250w x 150h. I seem to be getting these scroll bars on the right hand side that come up. They do not allow me to scroll around the image though. I expand the tour to see if there is something that is larger than the window, but can't find anything. I have all my tour settings set to 250w x 150h and 100% for the normal window and in the VRFlash section of the publish settings.

Any ideas?

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I hope this little explanation is of some use;

If you look at my website homepage ( I have a small tour in the top right hand part of the page.  I make my site with a WYSIWYG editor called Incomedia X5.  When I am planning the site it lets me select part of the page to be a graphic, part to be a slideshow, part to be text and part to be an html area etc. For my homepage I used a bit of trial and error to get the right size.  I found an image which fitted that space perfectly. I tried to put that image on that part of my site and then I used the size of this image (200h x 250w - example).  This then let me make a skin for my tour in photoshop which I then used when I made my tour.  Using trial and error with the size of an image was easier than doing it with a tour.  This image then played no part in my site - it wasn't a pano image - just a standard jpeg which would give me size settings.


I found the size I wanted

Made a skin for tourweaver in photoshop

Used this skin for my tour

Made my tour

Published my tour

Put this tour onto my server - at the root - don't put the files in a folder,

Opened the tourweaver_mytour.html (or similar name on your tour) using notepad

Copied that script

Pasted that script into my website editor (I used the 'this area to be html' thing)

Exported the website

et voila - tour up and NO scroll bars. 


Your tour will not be resized if you put it in a big space or a small space.  It isn't dynamic. You have to make the skin the exact size you want.

Hope this helps, shout if you need more
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I put mine in an Iframe . I made the simple skin size I wanted for my site in Tourweaver, published and put the URL in the Iframe.
Hope this helps some. I'm not very techie and this was simple enough for me. I use Yahoo SiteBuilder which made it very easy.
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