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100 panos, .exe is 160MB... hangs at 13%

I have 100 panos and 100 still photos in a compiled tour .exe file.  It compiles to 160 MB which is getting pretty large.

The .exe will not run on WinXP slower computers that I have.  It hangs at loading ...13%.  The non-.exe version (i.e. html flash version) does not run either in MSIE.

My 160 MB .exe tour runs fine on my Windows 7 duo and quad core computers.

Have I reached a technological threshold?  I know earlier I had 50 panos, 50 still photos, and 65 MB .exe file of the same tour, and it ran fine on my WinXP boxes.

Any thoughts? (I suspect I need to break up my tour into smaller tours, but it's hard [ActiveX] or impossible to link inside TW5 to other .exe tour files for the other segments.)




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Hey there,

Instead of splitting it up inside TW5, couldn't you just make a 'menu page' (rather than a TW one) which gives you the options of tour 1, 2 or 3?