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Hello all !

Let's speculate about Easypano, about the ways in which their products will be improved in the future. This topic it could become a research tool for Easypano, so let's include here all your ideas about Tourweaver (which is the major product).

Some ideas:

- available version for more then 200 scenes;

- available ways to jump from one project to the next project + specified scene;

- incapsuleted flash project (into one swf file);


Would you like to add more?


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I think there is a product improvements/suggestions part of the forum for this but I'll add my thoughts here;

- I'd love to be able to jump from one project to the next (well said Tomas)

- I'd love to be able to position a pop-up window on part of the skin - permanemtly so it wasn't movable by the customer/users

- I'd love to be able to add sounds to button clicks

- I really really need an option which brings up small pop-up stills/maps/videos in the right proportion for small screen and which then resizes them so they are larger when the tour is viewed on full screen

- Having an encapsulated flash project would let you use tours in Macromedia Director - which could be interesting for me

- I really need to be able to use ? as part of a scene name

- It would be wonderful if there was some graph/picture view showing how your scenes are all linked, it would make it much easier to check for hotspots that have not been linked to a scene/pop-up etc
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Nice to have your thoughts here, RFH.

But interesting to talk not only about what we need, as TW users, but even about what we belive we'll come into reallity on short/medium/long terms or not. Some thoughts about?

As exemple, I was talking with EP about "splash" screen option (to keep the ratio for swf/video/graphics) and they do not confirm that they are working on this kind of feature. From my point of view, they are still losing time to improve such an less usefull product like Panowalker (which needs a lot of work to be produce and a lot of bandwhith to make it available).


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my dreams are :

  • Multi-language tour support
    By just a click, stay in the tour, but just change all the text !
  • None jerky tour, espacially visible when using HotSpots
  • FreeHand HotSpots .
    Possibility to create HotSpot by detouring some objects (Door, Window, Objects, ...)
  • Optimisation of output quality.
    TW should optimize the compression in function of the "Tour Window Size"
  • iPhone support

These are my first needs


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My thoughts -

* Fix the bugs in TW5
* Enhance the SWF and especially the FLV playback behavior from within tours. (auto rewind for example)
* Smoother pan (less jerky)
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My wish list is as follows:

A) The possibility to insert a Google Map and place radar. This can be done on the following project would look so much better with a Google satellite map

B) Scaleable swf files - i.e a TV playing in the background but the media source locks down so that you can zoom in and out of the scene without the media distorting.

C) Ability to place additional scene or map viewers in popup windows. Again inthis project I am now limited in space to show the Scene Viwre because I have to use the Map viewer as my main viewer - if I clicked on a hotspot it would be great if a pop up window came up with a Scene viewer embedded.

D) A drop down menu that works on hotspots within the scene viewer instead of only on the map viewer. If you look at the following project I am working on I have to use the Map Viewer as my main window which has its disadvantages because I can only use a Radar hotspot because that is the only way to create a drop down menu.

C) A Compass Viewer - Similar to Map Viewer so that you can show the orientation of a Scene.

IMO Tourweaver has many possible uses over and above just tours of properties etc it could open up many more opportunities if it just had a few additions similar to the above.

I am sure I can think of more :)


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Hello, here is my wish list...

1) Iphone/Ipad support as with newly anounced kr-pano

2) Multi-lingual support

3) Smoother 360-panoramic display (more continuous...)

These would be top of my list !

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I think we should bet on these possible updates... to see who's the most intuitive one from us! Or maybe we'll fill an online petition to let EP knows our requirements. What do you think?