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Hummm ... I fear you are right !

I cross my fingers for your project.


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Hi, I seem to have a problem with version 4.00.090914, this issue was described in this thread:
Subject Topic: wrong proportions of hotspots

basically I have problem with resized / pixelated hotspots in full screen, YES I downloaded a patch provided by bessie.le didn't help. Still the same problem. I have old version of TW4 and it works ok, but the problem is it has a bug and doesn't work under Snow Leopard. I just created 5 Virtual Tours for Ferries and client has a new mac with os 10.6, how should I explain to him that either he has no Snow Leopard support or pixelated hotspots???
Please can someone look into problem and solve it.

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I need HELP. Can someone help me understanding Easypano. My editor and I have been trying to understand it and how to use it. The tutorials are not good and so if you have used it please call me. 256 726 7189. or email HELP HELP

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I received an email from EasyPano asking me to elaborate about the pixel shifting problem I was having and the solution I discovered. Here was there reply....

Hi Bob,

Thank you very much for sending the detailed information.

I have tested Tourweaver 5.00 and 4.00, and there are indeed problems as you mentioned...especially when MainWindow is set as Best Fit.

I have talked with our programmers but they are now busy at Tourweaver for Mac. They will look into this issue as soon as possible and I will let you know when there is any update.

Currently you can set MainWindow as 100% to avoid the problem, as you said in the other post J

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Best Regards,

Jenny Zhao

To all those working in TourWeaver 4 or 5, if you're adding graphics of ANY kind (including pictures), please remember to set your main window to 100% and NOT Best Fit or you will have problems.

I also want to thank EasyPano for contacting me directly on this issue. Please remember however, the Windows-Based users are your main clients so please don't let this fall to the wayside

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