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Yeah I'm hoping Adobe solve it. I was ill for most of last year so really was planning a big sales 'push' this autumn so i'll just republish the tours I have with the latest TW4 and offer work-arounds or replacements to the existing customers.

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Hi All,

I'm sure that there is no problem in viewing virtual tours created by TW3 and TW4 if they were created by the lastest version of our products. The lastest builder of TW 3 is 9/16/2009 while TW 4 11/4/2009. You can replace twviewer.swf with the following ones relatively in your tour files:

We have tested them with many of our customers' tours and all of them work very well. If there is still problem with yours, please send one of your problem tours to, and we will try to work out a solution for you.


Joe Rao

Easypano Holdings Inc.
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