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Map shifts?

I hope someone can help me with the following.

When I create a 360 in tourweaver 5.00 standard edition for windows and include a radar on the map and publish, the map always moves a bit. When cliking on the map it moves again. I just want my map to stay on one place when opening the final (publised) file.

It makes me crazy. Please help.

Grt. BC
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It may be because the map is bigger than the map viewer you created.  Resize the map to be the same size as the map viewer.



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I think this is a bug which was corrected not so long time ago. You need to download corrected player for TW5, which doesn't have this bug. Search for it in this forum.
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Yes, madmux is correct.

Be sure you are always using the latest build of the version of Tourweaver you are using.

See this thread

Regards, Smooth [8D]