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Feature Request - Google Map API

Hi, I am currently using TW6 and all the features are great, still a few bugs as you know but it is a great product.

For the future do you think it would be possible to have the ability to add markers to the Google Map from an external data source, may be from xml file. Just thinking that it would be nice to show hotspots & radar for the panos but also you could see markers for other local places.

Also I know I have mentioned this before but a Street View option would also be good. I know no one has manged to be able to place markers within Street View but if you managed this then it would open up a good market for you. I know we have Panowalker but if we could use the work Google have done (why re-invent the wheel) then you could move around a town and place hotspots on places and then effectively enter that place and show the Virtual Tour - how cool would that be!

I hope more users have the same idea as this.

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I think that is a very good idea about the street view!!
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Hi Guys.

Until we get such options found useful post how customise google maps

google styled maps