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reusing resources

so  just wondering, if i have a video file that is accessed in two different places does tourweaver load the file once or twice, anotherwards is there a way to tell tourweaver that it has already loaded the video resource and it doesn't need to reload it. It is an important issue as the overall file size can get really large if you are having to reload the same resource 4 or five times. Also when a tour is loading from the web is it loading in the backround while the tour is being played?







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I would think once it loads it's in the cache.  So, when the second location is activated there would be no need to "tell" tourweaver to "reload".

Your .swf or .flv will load in the background but depending on file size may not fully be loaded when called upon.  Works a lot like Youtube.

I'm working on updating a project that may help with these questions.
Link To Tour

Let the tour play through the first scene (porch).  It then goes into the second scene (living).  Here you will see that the .flv loads but is still not fully loaded.  Again a lot like a video on Youtube.  It opens the second scene but still needs to buffer a little for the .flv on the tele.

Same .flv is pulled through the "Welcome" button at the top of the screen.  Same as what your referring to with one file being used in two locations.

Hope that helps.  I know there are others that can better answer but thought I would at least try.


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Hello Mitch ,

Answer of your first question: When use the same file in two or more different places, TW will load it two or more times. And we can't tell tourweaver not to reload it. I'm sorry it is a bug. Thank you very much for discovering this bug. I will submit the bug to our TW developer immediately.

Answer of your second question: When a tour is loading from the web it is loading from the background while the tour is being played. More specifically, when you open the tour and play it, this first scene has already been loaded, but the other scenes are still loading at the background.

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