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combobox ---> pop ups

Hi all,

I am using a combobox as an easy reference for all of my visitors get to a specific area without having to click from one area to another just to reach their desired location.

My question is the following:

I am using hotspots to open pop ups about a specific areas in my project.

ie. user is on area A and clicks on Area B, from there my information about area B pops up. this step is easy.

Now, lets say my user wants to get to area D.....

For the pop ups to work, the user must go from area A to B, B to C then C to D to be able to view the pop up informations.

How can i do this using the combobox? Lets say that the user click on the combobox and clicks area D.... but no pop ups? I cannot find any properties area to include popups via the combobox.

Is this possible to do?

Thanks in advance

Hope That Helps

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Sorry for the late reply, it is a little bit difficult to get where you are going though, I guess you want to just some steps and then to Area D then you could have the easy solution as add the Area D as a popup window which comes along with the action before, then you could get there easily. The action will allow you open/close more than one popup windows.