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7.8 beta

I've been trying to use 7.8 beta for the last hour or so and I have to say what an embaressing piece of software.  The amount of lockups and found bugs in one hour of use is too numerous to even bother listing.  I've been using Tourweaver for years and it seems to get worse with every release.  I realize this is a beta version but even the full releases are steaming piles of dung.  Easypano should be embaressed of themselves...


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Dear Brad,thank you for the support for all these years, could you tell us more detail about the found bugs you mentioned so that I could submit to our developers for better improvement of the Tourweaver?

We are very grateful to have supportive members like you and we will try to offer you the best service and software including Tourweaver to you along with other members.

It will be very helpful if you could send along the project file of yours, with some screenshots of the issues or bugs you mentioned to so that we could have our developers check and then fix the bug.

Thank you in advance.

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Last tour I was doing.

TW7, 7 export Flash

TW7, 7 export HTML5

New TW7, export Flash 8

New TW7, 8 export HTML5

For me it works quite well. Especially HTML5 in recent updates improved significantly.

Of course there is room for improvement. Video to virtual tour, tour faster loading in high-resolution.



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bought the software a week ago. Tried everthing as per Ricky advice, unistall/install; install to different driver; Do basic skin with only 4 spherical image. And still frozen on front screen, cant make html5 to work. Flash works ok, but with the new beta update. Html5 still the same and the flash now has problem. just total black screen.

Please need somebody to help me. thanks


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Dear Anchor, please send us the project file so that we could check your settings and we will have our developers check the tour to see if we have the same issue you mentioned, please send to thank you

PS, it might be noted that you noted that if you host your tour on a linux-based server, you will need to pay attention to the upper or lower case of the name of each element that you might put into the project, it is suggested that you use the lower case all the time, and leave no space in the name.

As with the last project you have sent to us, the HTML5 tour could play just fine, it is hosted on our windows-based server.