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Button save chance ....... Yes / NO ?

very well by the excellent loading to preview,The loading for the preview now compiles very fast.

New Version Tour Weaver Pro 7.90.140807

thank you.....

a question?  if  open a project and modify something and do not want to  save those changes.....

just want to see how they work.........

the program saves the changes, when you exit or close (File / exit)

Button that closing prompted to save the changes YES or NO

question 2 ...   Slider Show Videos ????????


si abro un proyecto y modifico algo, y NO quiero guardar esos cambios .....

solo quiero  ver como funciona .... el programa guarda los cambios cuando se sale

o cierra.

Falta boton que al cerrar pregunte si desea guardar los cambios SI o NO

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Could I get some help on why my photos are not showing up in one of Tourweavers default skins?

Thank you.



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Hi Friend,

Thanks for your appreciation.

About the first question, actually I have the same confusion with you.

I'll taken it to developers and hope to hear good news.

And the second one...

Sorry I can not understand what you mean.

Maybe you could make it more detailed.