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Can't activate TW 5 Pro

I have a serial # but it will not activate the program. I was using it on another computer and it died today. I need to get it running on the new computer. The transfer box is grayed out so I can't use that. The old computer will not let me get to the program to remove it or deactivate it.

Any help?

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Hey Friend!  If I remember right from a past post, EasyPano will log into your computer (they use Teamviewer whenever they help me remotely) and fix this situation.It might be a goodf idea to also send a trouple ticket to as well as your forum post. From past experience I have found that their full support team is typically there Mon-Fri, but I would put in the ticket anyway.If you are un a bind and have to have something put together right now, Id be glad to try and help from my end, just post back a reply and I'll help if I can.
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