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Set Default Hotspot Image

Hi All,

I had to revert to using TW Version 6 due to memory errors when using the latest version.

Is it possible to set up a default hotspot image (normal, hover, click) by default, or do you have to manually set them for each hotspot individually? I ask because I want to use the hotspot image I was using in TW 7, but in TW 6.

Any advice would be much appreciated,

- Chris

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Hi Chris,

I just tested this and found it fairly easy to do.

First create the hotspot then add the three state images that are in the TW7 folder. you may not see them at first as the images are in png format.

Once you are happy with the hotspot, right click on the hotspot and select save to libary as a component. Give it a name and save.

When you need this hotspot in future, go to your library, open the component tab and drag the hotspot to your image. You will be able to assign the usual actions as required.

Hope this helps,


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