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Nine wishes for TourWeaver 8

1. Double google maps,view maps in different sizes in a single project (two popup). The possibility of extensions map to any particular size. For example,one map 200px-400px and the second map after clicking button almost full screen 600x900px.

Without the use of the full screen, I don't want to use this option.

2. Polygonal hotspots in the tour - When we put the mouse marker on the polygonal hotspot and at the moment we click while holding down the left mouse button and we strats moving the mouse to the sides we do not any action just move the stage. Like in Panotour Pro.

3. The possibility of hiding Polygonal Hotspot (show/hide)

4. Ability to determine the thickness of the line Polygonal Hotspot

5. Multiresolution - split into smaller tiles than it is now,twice

6. The ability to use very large panoramas - 500Mpix and more

7. Popup window - moving up and down popups like in Scene

8. Image gallery in scene viewer not only in panorama (option like in fly out media)

9. Connect with Facebook, Google + (button with the number of those who like the link and share)

Sorry for my english ;)

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thank you for the feedback and wishes for Tourweaver 8, as it will be release within this year:)

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and google analytics :)

Neil Jones