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Default Tour Skin that has Lot's of options!


I have patiently used your software for several years but I have not updated since TW 6.5

I stopped at that point because it gave me an oaky HTML5 tour for ipad/iphone which was easy to modify to get it to work nicely before I published it.And it also gave me the same trusty Flash tour.

Since that version you seem to have lost your way with the intention of HTML5 tours which back at 7.0 introduced still image files. i have not been able to get any version since 6.5 to produce a satisfactory HTML5 tour which plays still image files and what you need to do is this:

  1. Take your currently default skin, which is the beginning of something great, and allow the user inside the software to turn on or off the google maps option so you can have no maps if you want.

  2. allow the user inside the software to change the default location of the google map viewer to be either up/down/left/right

  3. allow the user inside the software to change the location of the google maps for the google maps viewer, i have not been able to work this out.

  4. allow the user inside the software to change the same google maps viewer to show either a google map or a user defined map such as a floor plan!

  5. add play/pause/skip buttons to the default skin when it plays

And voila! you would have a product that i would actually use. If it did this perfectly and resized automatically I would but a new license tomorrow! But as it stands your product is way overpriced for what it can actually do. I can do far more with Adobe Creative Cloud which costs me only $300 per year.

To give you some background on my use of TW, i use it to create virtual tours of accommodation properties and my clients all want to have still images, 360 panoramas and floor plans inside their virtual tours. have a look at any of the tours at this link and you will get an idea

I deperately want TW to create these tours just like these but in HTML5 to work on android and iphone, can you make the software do it? I'm not trying to threaten or hold anyone to ransom but i have been working on HD video in the last three months and if i can't get TW to create the kind of tours I need i will have to drop it in favour of video production but at least I will finally have the cross device compatibility i need.

Regards Jeff.

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Hi Jeff,

Thanks for your advice. We do need such a customer and partner like you. We'll improve the software in future versions.

Best regards,