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New Solution to Virtual Tour!

Dear Customers,

Easypano is working on a new virtual tour solution for real walkthrough effect, which we call Panowalker. Just as its name implies, this solution not only makes you to stand at a point to view the room, but also enables you to walk through the panoramic scenes. Now the demo is available. Although it's still far from perfect, we would like to share it with you, our valuable customers at the first time.

Panowalker Demo

If you are interested in such an effect or want to say something about it, please don't hesitate to contact To make the solution better and closer to your needs, any of your opinions and feedbacks are warmly welcome.

Best Regards,

Joe Rao

The Virual Tour Way
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Looks a very interesting prospect. It also appears to require quite a few panorama shots to achieve this result.

Done right it would be very appealing to high end properties.

I have seen the same basic thing shot with one-shot mirrors before and was always disappointed in the clarity. This looks much better and I'm sure in full screen would be a winner.

Regards, Smooth  

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Looks great. It reminds me of google streets (kind of). It could make the virtual tour more attractive.

just a suggestion :
- it could be easier to navigate if the green point indicating the current position on the map could be dragged along the line without requiring to click on the arrows below the scenes)
- the path and the arrow could be on the scene itself as well (such as in google streets)


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Very interesting indeed. I would be interested to know the basics of how the tour was put together, the time taken and work flow compared with individual 360's in TW/PW and of course what equipment was used.
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Looks very interesting. Would be a nice addition to your range and I'm keen on finding out more!
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Very cool. I wonder if you could also use it to do time-lapse? Might be something to think about Easypano.
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This looks very interesting. I guess there are about 25 separate panoramas in that sequence. I particularly liked the ability to walk through while viewing to one side. I would prefer to push or drag the little green button on the floor plan rather than the Forward/Back arrows. I look forward to seeing your progress as you develop this product.



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Yes being able to walk backwards as well is quite cool. First time I've seen it done with full sphericals.

But can't think if this catches on its going to take an amazing amount of work to take and stitch all the panos. And its going to be hard to claim individual ones are worth much when you are churning out tens of them for this. But then perhaps this is the unavoidable future.
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Hello Joe.

It is a very good idea, but:
I see it is based on 25 different scenes. It needs so much work to make 25 (or much more!) different panorama, with same white ballance, brightness, etc. I think is no procurer, who pay this high price for 15m walk. For me it is impassible to find effective demand for this method.
I hope other customers think it different! :-)


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My thoughts on the new tool.

Stop playing around with new ideas and fix old stuff. Make TW 3.1 Version as soon as possible.

Fix the verious things on TW 3.0 that are not working correct.

Once you have done this. Work 24/7 on new ideas. BUT PLEASE FIX EVERYTHING ELSE FIRST.

Regards Markus

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I liked the look of it and the idea.  I do not like the controls to move it tho.  I feel that draging the green dot along the path and/or using the arrow keys on the keyboard to move it around would be better than the on viewer arrows.