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popup menu of flash - about easypano

Hi, first of all, these prgram is great. it simple and it does what is advertise. excelent. I am very satisfied for what I paid.

My only concern is that when you click in the flash area of the vr panorama, in the popup menu, one of the options other than, go full screen, settings (flash) and about flash. You also get a option to take you to easypano. I would really like to delete that option.

If I purchase templates for my web, I always take away the links to the provider. Panorama2Flash is a paid program. and the program should not force you to include a link you do not want.

Any help from easypano people? Thanks. Best regards.
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Hi davinci440,

Thank you for your support to Easypano products. I have submitted your request to our programmers, and I am waiting for their response. I will get back to you soon. 

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i also need to buy this program..because i great, but the link to easypano make me change my mind i shall wait untill the link to easypano is disable. , am waiting for an EP response too.