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Questions from Trial User


Have a few questions regarding the Panorama2Flash software for anyone inclined to want to answer :-)

Does this software work with partial cylindrical panos?

The fov on my attempts has been very zoomed in. What setting should I use for the pano to be completely zoomed out? Part of the problem is that on my partial panos I don't know what the horizontal size is (120? 140?).

These are the best looking flash panos I've seen, so I hope the software can accommodate partials. If so, please tell me how. Thanks to anyone who can answer my questions.

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PANORAMA2FLASH doesn't support partial cylindrical panos, it supports only whole cylindrical panoramas or spherical ones. if you import it into P2F, it will be played like a complete cylindrical panorama not a partial one, which may cause some problems. 
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