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Flash VR and QTVR differences

I've noticed a difference between the Flash VR output and the QTVR, which maybe someone here can explain. I've outputted the same panorama as a QTVR (via a 3D program) and a Flash VR via Panormama2Flash and here are their URLs:

I noticed that the Flash VR seems to have squashed and elongated the pano somehow. If you take both views around to the doorway under the cloister you'll see what I mean. The QTVR is correct, the Flash VR isn't. They were generated by a 3D program called Cinema 4D at 2496 x 768, which converts the image to QTVR after rendering. I also saved the pano image for use in P2F.

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Image must be equirectangular 2:1 aspect ratio spherical ONLY.

That is: Exactly twice and wide as tall. 2500x1250, 4000x2000, 6000x3000 etc. If you cannot produce 2:1 image you should drop it on a 2:1 canvas and limit the tilt value. (not sure it's possible with Panorama2Flash as I don't have the program).

Regards, Smooth