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Seamless Panorama's

I'm trying to decide which software I need for the job. I can stitch my photos in PSD CS3 to create a flat pano. I want to then create a 360 moving pano. Trial version of Panorama2Flash worked well but it gives me a seam from the two ends of photo. Is there another choice from easypano to make a seamless moving panorama? If I go with PanoWeaver, can I get by with the standard edition? Thanks.
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Standard and Pro are nearly the same !

But, with the "Pro" you get rid of EasyPano logo ;-)

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There's a feature comparison page somewhere on the site... the only real benefit I found to pro vs standard version is the ability to work with true spherical images.

Feature Comparison
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Panoweaver, Tourweaver and Panorama2Flash are separate programs.

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