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TW 6.5 Opening Old Tw Projects from ver 6

Am I missing something, but I've opened previous (v6).tw projects and it (v6.5) does not auto populate the scenes. Nor does it play the Movie Track

It seems that I have to navigate to and replace all the images in the tour.

Now I haven't transferred my license over (until I know it is working).

Has anyone else had this issue?

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Yes, I had the same problem. But I always have this problem opening and old version it a new. I just started again in the new version and everything seems to works fine.

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I also experience this. If you save the old tour to a new name it fails. If you just except and save over the top it seems to be OK. Albeit a little risky if you really need to go back.

Regards, Smooth [8D]

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Hi, guys!

I had a similar problem when oppening an TW6.00 project in version TW6.50.

The feature play/pause movie (current movie) did not worked out.

See you.

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I agree with Smooth... I've had these issues with updates and strongly advise you create duplicate files and save under seperat names and reopen in new version just to be safe and save time and effort if things go wrong with moving to the newer version.
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