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Important Question about HTML5

Hi Folks,
I need to know if I can just load an older TW Project and convert that then to the new HTML5 format?
Thank you!
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Hi there Frank,

now that is a very good question... last I heard it was being released shortly... has this now happend?? Can I produce in html5 as well??

That would be fantastic as I'm chomping at the bit here for this. It obviously raises the question what we need to do to produce tours for iphone/ipad. Surly we'll have to provide different formats of tours to be effective especially on iphone.

Has anyone here had much experience yet with html5 tours and there development as well as issues?
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You already have the option with Panoweaver 7.2 to output to HTML5 (Safari) IE: Computer, iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad etc (Wherever a Safari browser is used) to test what it will be like when the upgrade comes for Tourweaver shortly.

Regards, Smooth [8D]