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I'm not sure what it is supposed to have been fixed with 6.50.110519 release?

It still shows problems that were evident in the last build.

We still get Flash buttons showing up in HTML5.

Still have a folder naming with CAPS for the Iphone and Ipad when these need to be iphone and ipad for Linux/Unix servers.

Maybe the thumbnail limit has been rectified?

Regards, Smooth [8D] 

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When you open TW it loads and waits for you to select a new project or open an existing one. On this screen there is a "New Features" below "Help". Clicking on it reveals the latest build fixes etc.

Easypano Tourweaver 6.50 (May. 19th, 2011)

[-]Combox and listbox display incorrect when 150 or more scenes is added.
[-]Initial point of radar display incorrect.
[-]Folder unable to create or delete in FTP.
[-]Some thumbnail images can not display.
[-]Fix "The Map.sensor parameter is missing" bug.

Regards, Willie