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Google maps don't work correctly

Please tell me my solution of the problem: when I placing the Google maps using the API and publishing project in EXE and SWF formats Google maps displayed on any computer. But if in FLASH - does not display Google maps? shown - Initialization failed: please check the API key, swf location, version and network availability.
What's the problem?
Google maps API binds FLASH to a particular site? And if I want to publish my project on multiple sites?
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Yes, Google maps API binds its key to a particular site. There's nothing you can do about it. If you need to publish your project on multiple sites, then you have to compile your tour with different Google maps API keys for each site.
Exe and swf works, because API key is not required for local (non-server) usage.
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Hi Seph, the only option would be to use iframe on the other sites or an API key for each site which would mean a new tour for each site.

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Understand this is a limitation of Google not a limitation of Easypano Tourweaver.

Regards, Smooth [8D]