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Quote: Originally posted by Kerry Rudy on June-21-2011

Hi Willie, You might try what I do with the floor plan. I usually suggest to people to watch the tour and then at the end interact with it. The double click works fine on the floor plan. Take a look at this tour . You could tell them on the plan itself in a hint.


Thanks for your thoughts Kerry,
The double click doesn't seem to work on my tour. Maybe it is because the plan is loaded via a popup! (the right click option works though). Interestingly, the symptoms are the same on your tour. Try opening the images full screen then double click on the map. When you double click to collapse, the whole tour collapses. I am beginning to feel it is a software limitation .... Still waiting for EP to reply to my ticket!


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Good grief! Willie,you are right. I hadn't noticed that it went out of full screen when double clicked to take the FP out of full screen. I just looked to see if it went back to normal. Yep, It is an EP problem.