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auto rotation tourweaver

Hi everybody

Sorry for my english, I haven't practise for a long long time.
Simple question:

is it possible to "no activate " the auto rotation?

I build my "virtual visit" of an apartment , when I launch the visit, the auto rotation is always activated and I can't find the way to stop it.
Could any one help me?

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And thanks for this so quick answer! It was so easy!! :)

But i've an other problem.
I have two different scenes (of my appartment). I put a hotspot on a door and link an other scene to this hotspot.

When I launch the virtual tour, when I clik on the hotspot, the tour don't go on the other scene but the first scene start to turn on itself ..

I'm not shure to be clear..... it would be easier in french!! :)

Have you understood anything of my problem?

Thanks for your answer!

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what you might need to do is create a "Movie Track"

See this thread Create and make Movie Track for tour

Here is a link to EasyPano's Movie Tutorial
EasyPano's How to make a Movie
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What Lee suggests with making your own "movie track" is the answer to your problem. Though, it becomes a little involved.

  • First you must make a copy of the "slideshow" named default movie track.
  • Set this new movie as the new "default".
  • Remove all frames except the start and end frames of the very first scene.
  • Place these frames next to each other I.E: Frame 1 (1st sec) and Frame 2 (2nd Sec) 
  • Set the rotation to "auto" on both these frames.

That should get you the result you are after.

Regards, Smooth [8D]

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Hi sobersong, welcome to the Forum. If you only want it to be static when you first open the tour then you can untick the autostart option in Publish Settings.

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