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Tourweaver 6.5 Photoshop CS4 Save File

So last night (early this am) I was working on a tour in Tourweaver 6.5.  I was going to add an image to a popup window for a help menu.  I had Photoshop CS4 open along side Tourweaver 6.5.  I created my .png file selected File, Save as .png and pointed it to a folder in my documents where the Tour files were residing.  Go to Tourweaver and click on the folder to locate the file and it was no where to be found.  Done this time and time again with no luck on finding the file.  As soon as I closed the Photoshop CS4 program the file appeared. 

Weird I had to totally close Photoshop for a file to showup in Tourweaver?  Anyone else had this issue?

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I'm not sure - maybe Photoshop didn't realeased file handle as you were in editing mode.
Better use "Save for web and devices" and save with different name as source, then no problems should occur.

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Photoshop is bad for not releasing handles.

Ever tried to delete or move a folder that has been opened in Photoshop while Photoshop is still open, even though the image is no longer open in Photoshop?

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