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#0103005 no scene available

Found a thread  on this very issue with a google search. But, since it's over a year old figured I would start a new one.

Just got this message while trying to add a radar to a map. Client is happy with job but needed one more radar before delivery.
Opened the project file that has 10 scenes and 4 maps.
Went to the map needing the radar and placed it on the map.
Chose my color settings and when I selected syn settings I got the "no scene available" message.
My file names are in tact and browser friendly. map_1.png and scene_1.jpg. I had no problem with this while working on this particular job until this evening. I've gone as far as adding a new map and I'm getting the same results.
And why is it the Tourweaver is renaming my files? I had map.png and Tourweaver took it upon itself to name it 1_map.png?