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Help 4 Publishing & Embed into Webpage

Please help.
I am using Tourweaver 6.5 for my tours. The instructions on how to use create the tour are fine, but I'm running into trouble once I'm publishing and trying to embed.

1. When I publish there are 5 types of publishing:

  • Automatic Flash/HTML5
  • Flash VR
  • Flash VR(exe)
  • Flash VR(swf)
  • Html5

Can anyone tell me why each one would be used? Other than the Flash Vr(exe) which I know would be used to create a CD, I'm guessing at which one I would use to embed into my webpage. Do I check them all off?

2. Naming conventions - I seem to be getting a lot of duplicate names - ie the directory\filename are the same. This makes for very unwieldy links and I would like to know if there is some way to simplify them. ie - does anyone have a "workflow" type of diagram or instructions.

3.I presently have a number of .swf embedded into various other webpages on my site but this one doesn't want to embed the same way. Maybe this should be part of the "workflow" but it shouldn't be by guess and by golly as to how to embed the tour. Does anyone have clear instructions on thw relative locations of files?

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To publish to a web page you select Flash VR.

It will produce all the files required to upload directly to your server.

If you wish to embed into your own web page you select the "code" that is provided in the "displaying" .html page that Tourweaver generates. The code will look like this:

 <script type="text/javascript" src="swfobject.js"></script>
 <div id="flashcontent">
 To view virtual tour properly, Flash Player 9.0.28 or later version is needed.
 Please download the latest version of <a title="" target="_blank">Flash Player</a> and install it on your computer.
 <script type="text/javascript">
 // <![CDATA[
 var so = new SWFObject("twviewer.swf", "sotester", "100%", "100%", "9.0.0", "#5E5E5E");
 so.addParam("allowNetworking", "all");
 so.addParam("allowScriptAccess", "always");
 so.addParam("allowFullScreen", "true");
 so.addParam("scale", "noscale");
 //<!-%% Share Mode %%->
 so.addVariable("lwImg", "resources/project7_omnipix.png");
 so.addVariable("lwBgColor", "255,94,94,94");
 so.addVariable("lwBarBgColor", "255,0,0,255");
 so.addVariable("lwBarColor", "255,255,102,0");
 so.addVariable("lwBarBounds", "-90,25,180,8");
 so.addVariable("lwlocation", "4");
 so.addVariable("lwShowLoadingPercent", "false");
 so.addVariable("lwTextColor", "255,0,0,0");
 so.addVariable("iniFile", "config_project7.bin");
 so.addVariable("progressType", "0");
 so.addVariable("swfFile", "");
 so.addVariable("percentType", "0");
 so.addVariable("sizeFile", "filesize.txt");
 so.addVariable("href", location.href);
 // ]]>

Simply paste your version of the code into your own .html page "between the opening and closing <body>here</body> tags" and keep the file structure in place. Meaning wherever your .html file is, all the Tourweaver output files are place in the very same directory/folder. 

Lastly, Do NOT use any web page builder software to insert "Flash" as the code is likely to be 1.) Old and Outdated 2.) Incorrect

Regards, Smooth [8D]

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Thank you!!