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Panning In Increments URGENT REPLY NEEDED

Does anyone know if it is possible to code Tourweaver to be able to pan in small increments instead of autorotating continually?

I'm doing a job for a client who wants to be able to click the pan left, pan right buttons etc and pan in small increments rather than just playing the pano in that direction. If it is possible to change this, where would that change need to be made? In the twviewer.swf file?

If anyone can help please let me know ASAP as I'm on a deadline to get this finished off.
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Hi Nick ,

You can click" REC Movie in the main window" and do some settings for the movie setting eg : customize the path of rotating or delete the autorotaing .

You can also set proerities of the scene eg: pan initial ,tilt initial, fov initial and speed of rotating.

Thirdly you can add button to link the scene and set the action for it .

Please try it!

Best regards