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Tourweaver 7 Feature Requests


Can we please have a way of setting the FOV initial zoom level of each pano in the tour separately for the iPhone version and then also the iPad version. I have noticed that the FOV zoom levels are different in the scene player in the FlashVR version of a tour to the iPhone version and then the iPad version again. This is due to the different screen dimensions and player sizes for each version of the tour. I would like to have control over the FOV so as to minimise warping and distortion on the edges of the pano in the HTML5 versions.

Can we please have an easy way of customising the toolbar in HTML5 version. Perhaps have another tab next to Pop Up Windows along the top where we can set button images and apply actions to the buttons.

Can we also please have an easy way to customise the full screen tool bar for the FlashVR version. I should be able to just add buttons like I do in the normal scene viewer and attach actions to them like a normal button. Building the full screen toolbar in Flash is way too hard and way too time consuming!

The zoom in and zoom out buttons on the large tool bar in HTML5 version for the iPad should zoom in and zoom out in small increments like the zoom in and zoom out action does in the FlashVR version of the tour. Currently when you hit the zoom in button with your finger it keeps zooming in on the panoramic image.

The scene viewer is currently the only element which you can't add a border colour to. Can you please add the ability to put a 1 pixel border around the outside of the scene viewer and give us the ability to choose the colour. I know you can choose an image to place around the border but I just want to add a 1 pixel border similar to every other element like thumbnail box, drop down menu etc.


The API doesn't work at all. Tried all the API functions but it doesn't do anything to a pano in the scene viewer.

The action Play / Pause Movie under Scene & Movie actions needs to be changed slightly. If you have more than one pano in a tour, currently when you click a button with the Play / Pause Movie action attached to it, the movie will pause. Then when you click play again the tour jumps you back to the very beginning of the movie i.e. back to the start of the first pano in the tour. This shouldnt happen! When you click the pause button the tour should pause. Then when you click play again the tour should start playing again from the exact point you paused the tour. Like when you are watching a DVD movie and you click pause to go and get a snack or something, then come back and hit play...the movie doesnt start from the beginning again. Why should the virtual tour do this!

When exporting a skin, Tourweaver should export all the pop up windows and actions I have applied to buttons, and save the loading screen graphic I have set for that skin. Currently TW doesnt do this and every time I use a skin multiple times for different tours, I have to go through and set all these elements up again. When TW exports a skin, instead of saving most of the elements into one folder, TW should save the skin files in the exact same way as when I save a tour as .TW file. So I should have all the same folders such as dimage, map, output, scene, sound, video, window. When I save a skin as a kind of template file, I should just have to drop the panoramic images into the tour and hit publish because all the actions and maps and pop up windows etc I have built should be included in the skin files. Please fix this Easypano!

Who of you out there agrees with me regarding these features?
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About the fullscreen flash toolbar: in TW 6.5, when publishing, you can check 'enable fullscreen' 'fullscreen of main window' under the 'general' tab. This way the same buttons used in the 'normal' version show up in fullscreen. Is this feature gone in version 7?

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Tourweaver Flash API actually works very well. I use it extensively.

Best wishes,
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Hi Nick,Vilmer,Madmux

Thank for all helpful suggestions and feedbacks of you .

@ Nick Our developer is optimizing TW7 HTML5 features and features of player.It could be better in next update.

@Vilmber In Tourweaver6.5 There are too many parts to do full screen settings, which is very complex and confused for some users.So we decide to simplify full screen setting .When you build a new project ,you can choose "scale to broswer" or "specific size".

If you choose "scale to broswer" and then choose "enable full screen" in "General" when publish , the tour is mainwindow full screen. "

if you choose "specific size " and then choose "enable full screen" in "General" when publish ,the tour is sceneviewer full screen.

You can try the difference between them .
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we think that HTML5 is not just iPhone or iPad, so we have some new feature request:

- Remove Safari restriction for HTML5 because Google Chrome is HTML5 capable too, make just a checking capability.

- Add the "DayToNight" feature to hotspot too (ie: can be useful for turning on and off lights button in a room.

- Add customizable toolbar for HTML5 with other buttons like DayToNight

- Add in-panorama video feature in HTML5 too.

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Hi HGVItalia,

Thank for your helpful suggestion about tourweaver.

1.We will make html5 be compatible with more broswers.

2.I like your idea about daytonight of hotspot .It will be very intersting .Very creative and useful.

3.For HTML5 features, we are tying to make it same as flash tour .You know that they are a little different and it will cost some time to achieve it but we will try .

Thank for your great ideas and helpful suggestions.

I will send thoes to our developer and I believe that we can make it in the future version.


Best regards

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I have requested a feature many times right back from version TW 3 but it has never been implemented!

The feature is to allow the pano to load before rotating in full screen mode.

Still till this day when entering the full screen mode the panorama instantly starts to rotate before it is fully loaded giving a very blurred/pixelated scene which can be very off putting to the viewer!

Cheer, can this be at least fixed in version 6.5 onwards?


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Hi prb16,

Thank for your helpful feedback and actually we had solved you problem already.

First i would like you view some basic theory of the tour.

Secondly ,Tourweaver7 is added a new feature called --adding loading video.You can add as much as long videos before the tour is loaded.You can add advertizement before the tour .So this will solve your question about loading issue.

The following is a video of how to add loading video. 

We can seperate the whole virtual tour into two parts of movies---Autoplay movie and Interactive movie .

When you publish a tour and you open it .It will rotate itself and autoplay itself.