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Tourweaver 6.5

I currently use Tourweaver 6.5 to create real estate tours.  I was wondering if it is possible to create a pop-up window that contains a particular web page.  I'm wanting to create a pop-up window, when accessed, that is directed to a real estate listing page.  I know I can direct a "button" to a webpage, but I want that web page to be contained within my tour and within the pop-up window that I create.  Has anyone tried this and been successful?

Thanks in advance for you help.


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Yes and No!
No - you can't have webpage (html) in native TW popup window. No pure flash application can contain html page.
Yes - you can use iframe'd html popup which can be opened upon click on some hotspot using "execute javascript" action.
Summary - you can certainly do what your'e planning to, but i can't provide you with an example (i don't do that kind of stuff). I hope other people will provide some directions. If not - let me know, i'll try to help.

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You can check this post : and try our Tourweaver7.

In tourweaver7 we have a feature called open API ,please check it. 

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