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TW7 Flash/HTML5 for iPad, iPhone, Android

Hi all,

Some of my clients are beginning to request iPad and iPhone versions of their Virtual Tours so Ive been experimenting with TW7 Pro Version 7.00.111213 and have had some successes and some disappointments.


I think I have figured out a reasonable Flash/HTML5 auto select version that runs well enough on the PC, Mac and iPad, and the stripped down iPhone version isnt too bad.  The tour looks fine on my Android Incredible smart phone when I output the tour in Flash using my older TW5 but the tour does not open on my Android phone when outputting the tour using TW7.


If anyone is interested in trying these different tour versions here are the links and a few of my observations. This VT has three 360X180 degree scenes, popup windows, hot buttons, thumbnails, navigation bars:


  • Flash/HTML5 Auto Select version:
    • Opens fine on the PC and iPad but the scene resolution seems to be too large for the iPhone and doesnt open on my Android Incredible phone at all.
    • Hot buttons all work except inside the Info Box the text link to my website does not work.
  • HTML5 iPad version:
    • Works fine on the iPad.
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Hi Tom,

Thank for your so clear and helpful feebacks and testing for HTML5 tour.

All of your hard work and testings are greatly appreciated!

I will forward your feebacks to our developers.

For the Android issue,some of our friends has test sucessful.

We have not test here but you can try it.



Thank for your helpful feedbacks and testing.

Best regards

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Hi Tom & Cheer,

I too have been testing TW7 and also the option to view virtual tours on the Android platform. I have just purchased an ASUS tablet running Android 3.0 for testing purposes and I have found the same as you. Tours outputted using TW7 in the FlashVR format do not work on the Android platform (any version). I just put a single panorama into a player with nothing else and outputted the tour to test a very simple tour. All I see is a blank screen.

However if you output the tour using TW6.5 to the FlashVR format, then the tour works fine. You do need to keep the pixel size and the file size of your panoramas down as generally the android tablets and phones don't have very powerful processors.

I also tried testing an HTML5 based tour on the Android platform. You get a very strange result. You see very small cubic faces separated out auto rotating around. You also can't rotate the tour using your finger.

So EP...this issue needs to be fixed in the next update to TW7. This is another reason why I am not going to upgrade to version 7 just yet. I would also like to see an HTML5 tour work correctly on the Android platform. See what you can do!

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Easypano HTML5 tours are ONLY compatible with Apple Safari browser.

As Safari is not available for Android the Easypano HTML5 tours cannot be played on any Android devices as yet. Easypano needs to work on making the HTML5 WebGL/Css3 format compatible with all browsers.

Android supports Flash, so there is little to no reason for wanting to use the inferior HTML5 format.

Regards, Smooth [8D]