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Hi Smooth - thanks as always [:)] - I agree with the what "if" somebody has a lesser screen resolution - I'm in the process of trying to design the exact same look in the 1024x768 - it's a bit difficult for me as I want a very specific look to it  and I'm not very happy with the way the still shots look - in particular the portrait ones - perhaps a little OCD [:D] - anyways, I'll figure it out somehow.

And as for your suggestion with the Flash Demo builder - I will definitely keep that in mind, but for now quite honestly - I've invested SO much money in getting this business started, that I am completely tapped out for the moment!!  So, while there maybe limiting issues with the contact info button - I'm going to have to make it work for now.

And yes, I did make a mistake with the set up of the page - I'll have to change that to _blank (sorry should have mentioned that) - I believe the other website link opened as I had intended.  But I think I'm going to implement your "click anywhere to dismiss" - although I love my little triangle exit button - I like this option, to ensure they can exit the page when needed!!

As always Smooth - you are a tremendous help!!!  Thank you SO much!!!!!