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Flash VR - Screen Size

Hi Guys,

I am having an issue when i'm publishing into Flash VR.

When I publish a tour I set the window size to 720/600 but when i test the tour on my PC is loads a size that is not 720/600 but one that covers the entire page.

When I publish to Flash VR (exe) it seems to keep the correct size.

I need the Flash VR window size to be correct for me to upload to my site and use a lightbox effect.

Any Idea's?

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Tourweaver offers two options for tour size:

Option 1: When you select "Scale to Browser Window" the complete "stage" and "scene viewer" scales as you resize your browser window.

Option 2: When you select "Specified Size" the "stage" size can be set. The "scene viewer" size is an independent size option.

If you want a sized stage and this stage to be all panorama, you should set the "scene viewer" size to be the same as the "main window" (the stage).

Regards, Smooth [8D]