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Copyright Of Panoramic Images?

Just wondering what all of you out there do with copyright of the panoramic virtual tour images you produce. Do you keep all copyrights over the images, or do you hand copyright over to the customer once they have paid for the job? interested to hear what you all do.
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I always retain the copyright unless they purchase the copyright from me. In which case it is 3x times the normal panoramic scene charge.

When dealing with government departments as I generally do. It is normally a requirement of the contract that they will be purchasing the copyright.

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At first I was going to go the copyright route, but being a new company that doesn't have a lot of exposure behind us it was hard to get anyone to even take a look at our work, let alone talk about charging them for the copyright.

We just completed shooting a $3,200 tour this week and if we had charged anything more then what we charged them they very clearly stated that they would look for another tour provider.

As of now we give them the copyright to the images but we retain the right to use any and all images for our own marketing purposes.

I guess it really depends on what you can and can't afford to lose.
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