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VERY Important Message!!!!

Hello all - I needed to pass along this tidbit of information.  I had no idea of this and I'm assuming a number of other users on here have no clue either - but I WISH I'd known this months ago - so... to help you avoid suffering the same aggravation as I have gone through, I'm sharing it with you.

I just spent an hour of learning with Smooth - WELL WORTH the time and money I assure you!!!!  If you have ANY technical difficulties - Tourweaver... General Computer skills... Other computer programs... Camera... whatever - HE has the answers!!!!  He walked me through a number of difficulties - I have been struggling with a few issues - I'm sure you've seen the posts :).  He was easy to understand and very knowledgeable.  Anyways, just wanted to save some others from headaches or straightjackets (where I was headed lol).

Smooth... Thank you SO MUCH!!!! 

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I'll be short with my answer. I agree totally with what you say Charlie about the guru we know as 'Smooth'. If you, like me, want to improve then the only solution is tuition from this guy or struggle as I did, you will not be disappointed, you will only improve! Search my thread 'New chapter' to see what I mean.
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Wow what a nice rap, I'll have to come here more often! [:D]
Seriously though, if you are looking to speed up your panoramic workflow or need "one on one" dedicated help with your software workflow or advise on your hardware equipment purchase or professional use.

You can book some tuition time with me via Skype or ICQ chat at a nominal charge.

Simply contact me via private message.

Regards, Smooth [8D]