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Hi Max,

Yes, I doubt WebPlus would upload the sundry files automatically. It is shown the HTML file and acknowledges that but the sundry files it would have no association with. (HTML file and files generated by Tourweaver).

This is why I stated you should compare the files and structure on the server with your local files.

Most people do not rely on an editing program as their FTP Client for just his reason. You can use a file browser to upload as you have discovered but this is not optimal or desirable either.

Look to use a FTP Client like FileZilla (Free), CoffeeCup FTP or Cute FTP etc.

Regards, Smooth
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Hi Smooth,

I may have confused you wilth my last post I did not use a File Browser to upload, I used FileZilla(Free).

Regards, Max
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Will it work for both download and upload when you are using an FTP client such as Cyberduck?